NTC Foot Brake Kit for Light Bee X

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This machined aluminium foot brake kit by NTC Designs relocates the rear handlebar brake to the right foot peg, similar to traditional gas dirt bikes.

Required to install this kit are brake lines and fittings, we recommend these.

This kit is only compatible with DOT4 brake calipers, we recommend the Hope Tech V4.

Color: Silver

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Foot Brake Kit

Technical Specifications

This rear foot brake kit gives you more control over your SurRon by replacing the existing handlebar rear brake lever with a foot lever on the right peg.

This kit directly bolts onto the right peg bracket and allows you to keep aftermarket pegs and braces, although the forward most peg position cannot be used.

Master cylinder uses only dot4/dot5.1 brake fluid and is incompatible with brakes that use mineral oil such as stock brakes. 

We recommend pairing with Hope Tech V4 / E4 caliper.