Axle Spacer Kit for Surron Light Bee Models

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This axle spacer kit is designed for Light Bee models, increasing the width of the center jackshaft and rear wheel sprocket to accommodate wider rear wheels and tires. This reduces the need for tire shaving when upgrading wheels, providing a smoother installation experience and performance of your aftermarket tire.

Includes: Widened 14 tooth jackshaft sprocket, rear wheel hub spacer & 5X rear sprocket bolts with loctite. 

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Due to the narrow design of the swingarm on the Light Bee X, installing thicker aftermarket tires introduces fitment issues and rubbing. By shifting the chain away from the wheel the need to trim or shave the tires is reduced so that more surface area of the tire can be used for traction while riding.

This kit is recommended for all off-road wheel installations such as our 16" complete rear wheel and 18/21" complete wheel set.

Please note that this kit is necessary for 100/100 18 rear tyre sizes and recommended for 90/90 18" & 90/90 16" tyres.

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Reduce the need to shave thicker aftermarket tires with our Spacer kit.